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Additional Services:
  • Pet Care
    A pet is sometimes the best therapy to fight loneliness, depression, medical problems or stress. The caregiver will ensure the pet is always as happy as the client. Cleaning, feeding and exercising the pet will be part of the day’s activities.
  • Palliative Care
    One of the most sensitive areas in health management is caring for a friend or loved one whose prognosis is grim. A comfortable family home allows the loved one to spend their precious time in surroundings full of love and memories. Home and Away Care Providers can help with the arrangements to make this possible. Respite care allow loved ones to take a break or as round the clock loving care, Home and Away caregivers will be there with passion.
  • Attendant Driver Service
    If mobility is a concern, Home and Away caregivers can attend any function, appointment or errand with the client. Whether it is a local sporting event, family gathering or shopping excursion, the client will have added security of someone to lean on. Depending on arrangements made, travel is by taxi or the caregivers’ vehicle. The caregiver keeps a client schedule so that important appointments are not forgotten.
  • Medication Management
    Administering drugs by a qualified nurse is essential in maintaining the health of a patient on medication. From diabetes and high blood pressure diseases management and pain management, drugs require control, measurement and administration in an exacting environment. Home and Away Care Providers health workers adhere to strict standards set forth to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of the patient.
  • Wound Care
    accidents or progression of disease create situations where preventative management is required to fight infection and further disease. Our health workers can work in conjunction with the client’s physician to make sure wounds are kept under control to facilitate healing.